Scientific Freeware

This is a list of some simple scientific programs developed by me. Their messages were all translated into English.

To get a copy of the listings, choose the option you want and wait until the page be completely loaded. Then use the "Save" option of your Browser to retrieve it. Use a word processor to delete all stuff other than the program listing, which is delimited between the messages

***** Begin of Program Listing *****


***** End of Program Listing *****

As an alternative, you can also copy-and-paste the contents between these two messages into a word processor. I recommend the use of a DOS editor, like EDIT, or the QBASIC editor, but Windows programs also can be used, like NotePad, WordPad or even Word.

Now save the listing using simple "text" format, including the suffix .BAS in its file name. Then you can run the program using the appropriate Basic dialect.

Please note that it is highly advisable to previously read the specific instructions of the given program before trying to copy and run it.

The use of this programs is free but, please, give the correct credit to me if you effectively use any of them!


The programs and procedures on this website are provided as is without warranty or assistance of any kind. We make no warranties, express or implied, that the programs and procedures are free or error, or are consistent with any particular standard of merchantability, or that they will meet your requirements for any particular application.

If you do use the programs or procedures in such a manner, it is at your own risk.

  • Statistics & Data Handling
  • Test of Means Using Student Distribution

  • Linear Regression with Several Transformations

  • Stepwise Multiple Linear Regression

  • Non-Linear Regression

  • Multiple Non-Linear Regression

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Smoothing/Differentation of Empirical Data

  • Scientific Graphical Subroutines Package

  • Quantitative Metallography Package
  • Volumetric Fraction of Second Phase

  • Grain Size of Monophasic Alloys

  • Topological Analysis of Two-Phase Alloys

  • Hot Rolling Models
  • Slab Thermal Profile during Reheating

  • Hot Rolling Load, Torque and Power Determination

  • Pass Schedule Calculation for a Hot Rolling Reversing Mill

  • Determination of No-Recrystallization Temperatures (Tnr) in Controlled Rolling

  • Microstructural Evolution during Hot Strip Rolling of C-Mn Steels

  • Dressing Depth Calculation for Backup Rolls

  • Rolling Stock Temperature Evolution in a Plate Mill

  • Determination of Q: Activation Energy for Deformation
  • Using the Original Sellars-Tegart Equation

  • Using Sigma Transformed by an Exponential Function

  • Using Sigma Transformed by a Power Function

  • Energy Management
  • Gas Combustion Calculations

  • Heat Balance of a Slab Reheating Furnace

  • Polymers
  • Polymer Molecular Weight Distribution Experiments

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